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New Ohio Energy Law (SB315): Analysis

Posted on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Ohio Environmental Councilby David J. Schmitt

Like it or not, the practice of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is here to stay and will have a profound effect on Ohio. Attached is the Ohio Environmental Council’s (“OEC”) analysis of the new rules and regulations governing the fracking and other aspects of the energy sector in Ohio that are contained in SB315, recently signed by Governor Kasich.

While SB315 contains a number of excellent provisions, others create some cause

for concern, particularly those limiting public access to informationregarding the composition and use of various chemicals in the fracking process. These provisions will undoubtedly evolve quickly over time as the state and its citizens gain experience with fracking, so business owners and residents should keep abreast of the latest developments.

OEC Appraises New Ohio Energy Law

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

THE GOOD Saves energy in state buildings, helps factory owners convert waste heat to clean energy, maintains utility company targets for efficiency & renewable energy, tightens controls on oil & gas drilling

THE BAD Oil & gas industry scuttles several positive proposals by Gov. Kasich, including funding for geological mapping and public's ability to police company claims of trade secrecy of drilling chemicals

THE UGLY Public loses right to appeal oil & gas permit terms & conditions, Power Siting Board oversight of smaller pipelines and fractionation facilities, and practical ability to challenge trade secret claims

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