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UPDATE | Ohio Employers Are Entitled to Worker's Compensation Premium Reimbursement

Posted on Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 11:47 AM

by David J. SchmittDavid J. Schmitt

Early last year, I blogged about the trial court’s decision in the San Allen v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation case.  An update is now clearly in order.

Pursuant to the trial court ruling, employers who paid Ohio Worker’s Compensation premiums between 2001 – 2008, and which were not group-rated, are entitled to reimbursement for a portion of their premiums.

In the case of San Allen, Inc., et al, v. Stephen Buehrer, Administrator of the Ohio BWC, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Case No. CV-07-644950, the plaintiffs consist of Ohio employers who paid workers compensation premiums during the indicated period, and which did not receive group-rated premium discounts. The lawsuit contended that the BWC’s premium discounts for group-rated employers were too steep and that the BWC overcharged other employers to make up the difference.

The case was granted class-action status meaning that any employer that paid premiums to the BWC on a nongroup-rated basis during any one or more of the policy years in question is automatically part of the class unless it affirmatively opted-out.

The plaintiffs initially requested close to $1.3 Billion in reimbursement for class members. In a decision issued December 28, 2012, Judge Richard McMonagle determined that the BWC did indeed overcharge the plaintiff employers and that the class is entitled to reimbursement in the amount of $860 Million Dollars.

Unsurprisingly, the Ohio BWC appealed the decision to the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals.  After several months of waiting, the Court has upheld the lower court’s decision, meaning that the BWC is still on the hook for $860 Million Dollars. The court’s written opinion was particularly harsh. In the very first sentence, the Court stated, “Reduced to its irreducible essence, this appeal is about a cabal of Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation bureaucrats and lobbyists for group sponsors who rigged workers’ compensation premium rates so that for employers who participated in the BWC’s group-rating plan, it was “heads we win” and for employers who did not participate in the group-rating plan, it was “tails you lose”.

The Court of Appeals also returned the case to the trial court for a recalculation of damages, including the over $2Million Dollars per month in interest on the original verdict that has been piling up during the pendency of the appeal.

The BWC stated that it is disappointed in the decision and is reviewing its options. These may include appealing the case to the Ohio Supreme Court. If that were to occur, it will  likely be another year at least before any distribution would be made to class members.

On the other hand, the State may decide that it is time to settle. The BWC can afford it. The agency has over $8 Billion in its surplus fund, and has had the judgment amount in escrow for many months.

Regardless of whether it is a class member, all Ohio employers should continue to follow this case. Class members will naturally be interested in how much reimbursement they may be entitled to. Non-class members may still be impacted because if the BWC’s appeal fails and it has to pay this judgment, it may have to raise premiums in order to recoup some or all of its losses.

As developments continue to arise in this case, Cors & Bassett will provide further information and guidance to assist you. Please contact David Schmitt  at or by phone at 513-852-2587 if you would like to discuss this matter further.

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